Our approach 
We’re a multi-disciplinary creative studio, with a commitment to design. 
Based in Derbyshire and run by Sam and Tom Hawkins, working together with a team of experts to create projects that solve problems, engage with audiences and have a powerful impact. 
Strategy & Research 
A holistic approach to understanding who you are as an organisation in order to resolve problems, speak clearly to your customers and enhance experiences.   
Design & Communication
Creativity is the essence of what we do, encompassing graphics, brand identity, illustration, exhibitions, enhancements and digital. 
Building digital experiences through app and website design, or transforming exhibition spaces using augmented reality, our work is supported by the latest technology and a detailed approach to sensory immersive touches, including sound design.  
We work across a range of sectors with businesses, creative hubs, museums, galleries and public and healthcare spaces. We are passionate about the Arts, and a high proportion of our clients come from within the creative industries; with projects encouraging the wider community to engage with environments they may not usually have visited, making those spaces and the information presented within them more accessible and engaging.  
It’s our belief that the best work is rooted in collaboration, whether that’s with our clients, other creatives or in communities, to deliver projects that are meaningful and resonate. We value relationships and teamwork, supporting you through the stages of the design process and in the years ahead.

If you'd like to discuss a project or a collaboration, please contact us at enquiries@firecatcher.co.uk
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