Lichfield Cathedral
Join the Archangel Gabriel and explore the history of Lichfield Cathedral through this interactive digital trail. Designed in collaboration with Tech:Squad, Angel Quest takes the viewer on a tour of the Cathedral, and through AR technology encourages engagement with the range of historical features inside.
Design Concept
The depiction of the Angel Gabriel is based on the original image, as shown on the column inside the cathedral. A linear interpretation, paired with a limited colour palette and refined shapes, the illustration is a contemporary vision for the 7-12 age range of the target audience. 
Inspiration has been taken from architectural elements, decorative tiles and floor markings, to create an artpack that is aesthetically representative of the Cathedral, giving the design historical context, whilst also creating an engaging vision to appeal to the intended audience.
Colour Palette
The chosen colours were inspired by the existing artworks within the Cathedral, as well as a Medieval palette of natural plant based dyes/colours, whilst giving them a contemporary update.
Illuminated Letters
Featuring illuminated letters, as found in St Chad’s Gospel, titles add an additional area of historical interest, accompanied by typography that harks back to the Medieval period.
The Pilgrim Badge
Designed to be collected in segments, the Pilgrim Badge is awarded as you move through and complete the interactive points in the app.
Each illustrative element reflects the challenge of the interactive point. Graphic, contemporary and bold in style, some symbols also include aspects of locations within the Cathedral. An integral part of the badge, St Chad's cross features across the segments in the background. 
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