Animate Projects
Parts & Labour: the second Animate OPEN set out to celebrate, subvert and confound our expectations of what animation is, bringing together different artistic approaches that connect through their exploration of the concept of animation as craft. Parts & Labour explores the idea of animation as something that is made – whether physically, digitally, or both - and is evidence that animation is a medium at the forefront of artistic and creative innovation, and the development of new techniques and approaches. The exhibition champions the animation artist and maker, and highlights their work and skill.
Exhibition Guide
​​​​​The logo and identity takes its inspiration from Norman McLaren, exploring the idea of making/creating through the coming together of basic geometric shapes to create a contemporary style with a sense of movement.
The stylised typography is drawn by hand, exploring the ‘made and crafted’ element of the theme, with abstract shapes coming together to create a recognisable word. The elements from the logo are then used to add a visual language to any marketing materials needed, and are enhanced with bold, primary colours.
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