An identity for a sustainable denim brand with a heritage in tailoring & a future in technology
Placing family history at the centre of the brand the surname Bramley is the focal point of the logo, representing both a relationship between father and son, along with a shared passion for beautifully fitted garments, whether a tailored suit or technically engineered clothing. An obsession for the perfect fit, through a heritage of craft and skill, coupled with innovative technical expertise are at the forefront of the brand. 
Bespoke touches
It was decided that whilst heritage runs through the brand, a contemporary sans serif typeface should be used in order to visually communicate the future led and pioneering approach of body scanning which is also at the heart of Bramley Denim.  
As shown above the chosen typeface has been customised, creating individual bespoke letters to form a stencilled word, depicting the seam that runs through denim, a core part of the garments structure, design and strength. The stencil also adds a sense of modernity, appealing to the core demographic, whilst creating an industrial feel, a nod back to the origins of denim as traditional items of work-wear.

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