Royal Derby Hospital
Following our full enhancement of the department in 2015, Firecatcher were commissioned to create an interactive artwork for the Bereavement Room. Building upon the natural themes within the unit, we evolved these to form an abstract design that could be personalised by families in remembrance of their babies. 
A quiet, calm & welcoming space
The interactive artwork took the form of a bespoke magnetic wallpaper. Parents could take printed magnetic shapes and arrange them on the wallpaper, creating their own landscapes. As a symbol of lost babies, butterflies featured in beautiful colours and patterns. 
To further personalise the space, parents have the ability to write their baby’s name through magnetic letters. The wall then becomes a beautiful backdrop in which parents can take family photographs. ​​​​​​​
​​​​​​​Interior Design
As well as the artwork we looked at the room design as a whole; specifying a range of additional sensory elements that will help parents to feel they can relax in the space and feel comforted by familiar objects. 
Contemporary furniture was specified, a range of framed prints created that complemented the scheme, as well as soft furnishings which added texture and colour, having both an aesthetic and sensory benefit. 
Soft lighting helped create a cosy, safe space, while objects such as plants and books helped create a homely feel.
As part of the design process we involved parents and staff, consulting on colour schemes and content. Butterflies were designed by the NICU team and parents and integrated into the designs, creating a sense of ownership and personalisation of the space.
In Memory
Using the designs created for the artwork a hardback memory book was designed for parents to formally record their baby’s names. 
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