Bespoke Art Kits
Following a relaunch of the arts programme at University Hospital Coventry & Warwickshire NHS Trust, Firecatcher were commissioned to design a range of bespoke Art Kits for patients and staff. 
Inspired by the 60s abstract artwork found around the hospital of block colours and bold shapes, each kit was packaged and branded with an individual eye-catching aesthetic that encouraged patients and staff alike to pick up a kit and explore what's inside. The kits offer different activities to suit a range of patient needs including those with limited movement, dementia and patients with more complex needs. 
The Activity Booklet explores gardens, and the wider theme of nature, in its many different forms.
The illustration style takes inspiration from the post 60s abstract art movement of block colour and bold shapes, found within the artwork around the hospital. As it was important that the illustration was not too abstract for accessibility reasons, the shapes and forms are looser than a figurative style but still recognisable.
The imagery is tactile and playful in nature, informed by the textures of paint, hand drawn pencil lines and cut out collage, aiming to inspire and spark the participant’s creativity. The colour palette, whilst reflecting nature, is also positive and upbeat, encouraging engagement.
The design for the Colouring Booklet explores the idea of ‘My Happy Place’. Following a consultation a combination of familiar and nostalgic imagery was chosen as well as illustrations based in nature and recognisable, local places to help to promote stress release, relaxation and joy through the mindful act of colouring.
The style of illustration contains clear, thick outlines with large defined areas to colour making it accessible for a wide range of people, including dementia patients. Thinner lines and additional detail in the form of dots and lines add decoration and interest. A hand drawn line softens the style of illustration, giving it a human touch, encouraging participants to engage with the black and white outlines, filling them with colour and expressions of creativity.
The origami kit includes everything you need to create three colourful sea creatures, without the need for glue or scissors, supporting patients with complex needs. A sticker sheet is included for patients to add further details such as eyes, markings and barnacles! A series of instructions take the patient step by step through the folding.

Healing Garden mural by Bruce McLean,
located in the hospital main entrance

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