Taking Flight Exhibition
In collaboration with Coventry Transport Museum and TECH:SQUAD, Firecatcher were commissioned to create the exhibition design for Taking Flight, a multi-sensory experience for all ages. Inspired by found imagery of early flight pioneers and the fantastical flying machines invented, a photo-collage style was developed that informed all design work. We combined this photographic imagery with illustration, pattern and mark making to give a sense of both the creativity involved in aviation design and the history and mechanics of flight.
Taking Flight gave visitors the chance to get hands-on with the touch-sensitive wall and discover huge examples of aviation ingenuity on loan from Midland Air Museum, before being invited to dream up and design their own fantastical flying machines which were brought to life in an immersive digital landscape.
Touch Sensitive Wall

A 10 metre wall was designed that charted the history of flight; beginning with dinosaurs and moving right up to present day, before looking ahead to the future.
Touch sensitive points along the wall triggered projected animations.
​​​​​​​Visitors were invited to design their own fantastical flying machines as part of the exhibition. Choosing from a range of flying machine elements, participants were encouraged to get creative at one of the making stations before heading over to scan their designs.
Scanning Station
Once scanned in at the specially designed station (complete with it’s own projection mapped animations of whirring cogs and flashing buttons), the visitor’s flying machine popped out and flew across one of three illustrated landscapes.
Photography by Charlotte Jopling
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