Inside Theatre App Design​​​​​​​
The world's first theatre app. Create your own theatre with costume, set, lighting & sound with tips from industry professionals, using 3D modelling & AR technology. 
Commission by Inside Theatre and working in association with theatre professionals and TECH:SQUAD, Firecatcher created an identity for an app which allows you to become the director of your own production of A Midsummer Night's Dream. From the app aesthetic, to the UI design, we looked at every aspect, creating multiple options and assets for the viewer to use.
Theatre in the palm of your hand
The design concept for Digital Midsummer focuses on creating a magical world within a phone that  draws the viewer in through a neon drenched canopy, beyond the leaves and into a fantastical new digital realm. 
Speaking to a diverse audience aged between 14-25 years, the design is creative in its approach, using photomontage to combine manipulated photorealistic imagery with illustration and bold shapes, to create a contemporary aesthetic with a sense of fun. 
This new world has been designed to reflect an imaginative vision and an almost heightened consciousness, as if the viewer is taking part in a surreal dream, where feelings are amplified, colours appear more vibrant than you could imagine, creatures more beautiful than you have ever seen. 

Playful with a sense of disorder
The typography has been designed to reflect the essence of the play, with letterforms visually depicting a playful tone and a haphazard/disordered nature, through the positioning and exaggeration of letters. 
Weaving through the type, the forest alludes to what is to come and begins to create a sense of intrigue, expectation and magic. It also works well when the type stands alone, in order to still visually introduce the viewer to the play when no other graphics are present. 
Initial fairy and costume design concept
Initial fairy and costume design concept
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