International Photography Festival
FORMAT is the UK’s leading international contemporary festival of photography and related media. It organises a year round programme of international commissions, open calls, residencies, conferences and collaborations in the UK and internationally and welcomes over 100,000 visitors from all over the world to its biennale. FORMAT23 ran from 17 March to 9 April 2023 throughout Derby, in the city’s museums, art galleries and historic, pop-up and renovated spaces and buildings. 
As part of this year's festival, Firecatcher worked with the team to design marketing materials, education guides and an outdoor exhibition that took place in venues across the city.
 Image: Ngadi Smart
Since September 2022, people across England have been sharing their high street photos with Historic England on Instagram as part of the High Streets Heritage Action Zones Cultural Programme. Chosen from thousands of images, this collection of 60 reveals just some of the stories behind our shopfronts. 
A range of large format pillars were designed and displayed in an outdoor exhibition in venues across Derby.​​​​​​​

Picturing The High Street
outdoor exhibition

FORMAT23 Education Guide for Children
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