An Adventure in Time
The Jewry Wall app brings Leicester’s Roman bath site to life in a way never seen before. In a collaboration with Tech:Squad, Firecatcher created an identity for the heritage site educational app, which fused history with new technologies to create a fun, engaging and informative app that takes viewers on an adventure through the past. From the logotype inspired by the wall itself, to the Roman style character designs and patterns, a full range of UI assets were created to support the app.
The Mission
Join Jenny and Javid for a mission to discover the past using fun, interactive games and activities for the whole family.

Collect Roman coins as you go, unlocking different stages within the app, learning as you go.
In the Dig Site game below an aerial view of a dig site appears, the player is encouraged to 'tap to dig' through different layers of ground, uncovering artefacts that were found on the original site.

Roman artefacts found at the original site were used as reference for the creation of the Dig Game, where players could uncover and learn about their own treasures.

Dress Up
Welcome to the Changing Rooms! 
Select a character, mix and matching Roman outfits by swiping the three panels, learning about the items as you go.
Collectable Coins
A series of Roman coins were designed to represent each game within the app. Once a game is completed the player will collect the coin, unlocking different stages within the app.

Above: Detail from the Aqueduct game background

The Aqueduct

Originally made from a series of pipes, tunnels, canals, and bridges, Roman Aqueducts channelled water from a freshwater source, such as a lake or spring, to a city.

In this interactive game build your own aqueduct by tapping across the landscape, turning the pipes to fit as you go.

The Warm Room
Explore the Roman baths by moving around the 3D environment, clicking on the different characters and learning about the type of people who would of bathed and spent time here.
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