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Making life easier, less complicated and more manageable are core values of the Simple Living Today brand.  Using these core attributes we built a simple, contemporary identity that visually depicts a way of living that creates physical space and as a direct result the mental space for clarity of thought and an improved sense of wellbeing. ​​​​​​​ 
The symbol has been designed to represent both residential and commercial clients, through a scene that brings together recognisable interior elements, alongside abstract shapes to reflect a living environment with a sense of space and simplicity. Design led, the overlapping outlines also convey a sense of organisation, with each element considered and positioned with care and attention to detail.
From home staging and styling, to decluttering and organising, the Simple Living Today brand identity encapsulates simple, contemporary living through a linear logo and sophisticated colour palette. 
Photography by Charlotte Jopling
A selection of linear symbols representing the core services
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