Derby Theatre
Designing the aesthetic for the identity, the world of the Three Billy Goats Gruff features a plucky group of goats. Quirky, but resourceful in nature, the likeable trio set off on a journey that will engage and entertain the target audience of 3-7 year olds through a colourful, visual landscape of imagery, immersive AR and hands on activities. 
Featuring beautiful puppetry, fantastic storytelling, a tricksy troll, three Billy Goats Gruff and amazing live music and original songs, Firecatcher in association with TECH:QUAD, were commissioned by Hiccup Theatre in collaboration with Derby Theatre and Polka Theatre, to create a travel programme to accompany the show. Special AR features were integrated with links to bonus content.
Lurking under the bridge
Our troll is of the land and protective of it, depicted in it’s appearance, taking on the lush green tones of its environment, with textures of moss, lichen and foliage about its body. Imposing, but not scary, simple shapes form the trolls face, blending into the surroundings it’s large size becomes part of the plentiful land, only clearly seen when it rises up to greet unwitting travellers to say “WHO IS THAT GOING OVER MY BRIDGE!” 
AR Elements were embedded throughout the programme allowing the viewer to sign or sing along to songs, watch animated videos and see the cast member's characters revealed!
Munch Munch
Travel worn the goats show signs of their long journey, through the textures and hand drawn markings forming the illustration. Here one goat carries belongings on it’s back, in hope of finding a new home. 
Their playful nature and presence is visible, even when they don’t appear, through bite marks of munched letters! 
Photography by Graeme Braidwood
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